Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York For a Great Fall Adventure

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Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York For a Great Fall Adventure

Upstate New York is a pumpkin patch wonderland.

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As the crisp autumn air descends, there is no better way to embrace the fall season than by visiting a pumpkin patch. Picking your favorite gourd is the quintessential fall experience. Upstate New York is filled with charming farms and quaint, picturesque landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve spooky jack-o-lanterns or to create the tastiest fall treats, New York’s fall offerings are sure to be a hit. Let’s dive into the 15 best pumpkin patches in Upstate New York for a great fall adventure.

15. Pick’n Patch (Stanley)

Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York For a Great Fall Adventure

The Pick’n Patch is a family-friendly experience that offers classic jack-o-lantern pumpkins as well as all varieties of specialty pumpkins.

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The Pick’n Patch was created in 1993 by Drew and Melanie Wickham. The couple created the business to teach their four children about running a business and raising a farm. The family’s first season had pumpkins, fall decorations, a straw maze, and pumpkin head nursery rhymes. After unexpected, yet positive support from the community, the Wickhams decided to expand the Pick’n Patch. Today, the Pick’n Patch is a Finger Lake family tradition.

The Pick’n Patch doesn’t allow customers to pick directly from the pumpkin patch, but the experience alone is still unique. Pumpkins aside, the Pick’n Patch has all kinds of attractions for kids to enjoy.

14. Critz Farms (Cazenovia)

Critz Farms operates on over 350 acres and is located less than 30 minutes from the Syracuse area. The farm originally began as a Christmas Tree farm but has expanded to include the Harvest Moon Cidery and the Critz Farm Brewing & Cider Company. Apples are another popular crop for the Critz family. Today, Critz Farms grows apples, pumpkins, gourds, hops, barley, and blueberries. The farm also produces sweet apple cider and award-winning hard cider. The Critz family started making craft beer in 2015.

Critz Farms hosts the Fall Harvest Celebration, which is their annual fall experience. Activities include a corn maze, farm animals, pick-your-own-pumpkins, and a wagon ride. When you visit Critz Farms, you can take the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin. Tickets are required for the Fall Harvest Celebration, which includes pumpkin picking as part of the admission to the farm.

13. Maple Lane Farms/Tim’s Pumpkin Patch (Marietta)

Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York For a Great Fall Adventure

The farm sells pumpkins at Tim’s Pumpkin Patch.

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Maple Lane Farms is primarily known as a dairy farm and is home to over 600 dairy cows. Owned and operated by the Leubner family, Maple Lane Farms also has over 1,900 acres of corn, soybeans, grass hay, and wheat. Even more, the family currently has over 70 acres of a pumpkin patch, famously known as “Tim’s Pumpkin Patch.”

Tim’s Pumpkin Patch is located about a mile from the main area of Maple Lane Farms. The Leubner Family knows how to offer a quintessential fall experience. At Tim’s Pumpkin Patch, you can pick your own pumpkins, and then chow down on pumpkin-whoopie pies, apple fritters, and pumpkin funnel cakes. The farm also has a number of activities for kids, such as apple cannons. Who wouldn’t want to launch apples at a target?

12. Akron Acres (Akron)

Established in 1990, Akron Acres is a family-run farm business. Andy and Marilyn Kelkenberg’s farm specializes in agritourism, and the farm continues to grow. Of course, the farm offers pumpkin picking. They also offer Christmas tree cutting. After your fall pumpkin experience, you can head back to Akron Acres for the next holiday celebration and chop down a Christmas Tree.

When visiting the Akron Acres pumpkin patch, the experience begins in an antique tractor-drawn hayride down to the pumpkin patch. From there, you can linger amidst the patch and locate your favorite orange future jack-o-lantern.

11. Stokoe Farms (Scottsville)

Thomas Stokoe immigrated from England in 1801 and began Stokoe Farms in 1812. With a 200 year old legacy, Stokoe Farms is home to one of the oldest Wells Truss Barns in Western New York.

Every fall for over 20 years, Stokoe Farms has held its Harvest Fest and Pumpkin Patch Experience. With pumpkin picking, fresh apple cider donuts, and a trek through the corn fields, Stokoe Farms is bound to be the perfect backdrop to your pumpkin-picking fall fantasies.

10. Indian Ladder Farms (Altamont)

Founded in 1916, Indian Ladder Farms is best known for its apple orchards. With over 90 acres and 40 varieties of apples, this farm is a great place for pick-your-own apples—and pumpkins. Indian Ladder Farms also has a cidery and brewery, pizza garden, and Biergarten.

Indian Ladder Farms has an excellent pick-your-own experience, and it also offers four different nature trail hikes. This farm is a great place to spend the day: eat lunch, take a hike, and then finish up with a pick-you-own adventure.

9. Wallkill View Farm Park (New Paltz)

Wallkill View Farm Park is a third-generation family-owned and operated farm located in New Paltz, New York. In their early days, the family would sell their produce from a covered wagon, which is now the location of the Walkvill View Farm Market. Here you can find wreaths, pies, muffins, cinnamon twists, and their famous apple cider donuts.

During weekends in October, take the scenic hayride out to the pumpkin patch for a U-pick experience. The Wallkill View Farm Park’s fall fun includes a corn maze, pick-your-own-pumpkins, a Peter Pumpkin Jump, and a hay tunnel.

8. Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards (Gasport)

Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York For a Great Fall Adventure

Many farms in Upstate New York sell mums, baked goods, and other produce, in addition to pumpkins.

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Becker Farms began in 1985, and since its start, the farm has grown to offer a collection of fall produce, lodging, a coffee and pie experience, and a Niagara Wine Trail tour. At Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards, you can pick your own pumpkin and then later take in the breathtaking vineyard views with a glass of local wine.

The farm’s fall season includes different types of admission. For example, General Admission offers 4 quarts of apples or a pumpkin voucher, entry into the corn maze, and unlimited wagon rides, just to name a few experiences. If you upgrade to Golden Apple Tickets, you automatically receive everything included with the General Admission ticket, but you’ll also get a free wine glass with five tastings, plus a stroll through the apple orchards. With pumpkin patches and wine, Becker Farms might offer the best adult fall experience in Upstate New York!

7. Ellms Family Farm (Ballston Spa)

In 1983, Chip and Sally Ellms started the Ellms Family Farm. Initially, the location was called Ellms Tree Farm and was mainly known for its Christmas trees, wreaths, and holiday experiences. However, in 2005, a corn maze and Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch opened during the fall. By 2019, Ellms Tree Farm had become Ellms Family Farm.

Today, you can visit Ellms Family Farm and partake in several different fall activities. The farm’s pumpkin patch is home to pumpkins of all shades and varieties: orange, red, white, beige, blue, pink, warted, and striped. After you find your perfect pumpkin, enjoy the corn maze, a ropes challenge course, or pumpkin bowling, just to name a few fall favorites at Ellms Family Farm.

6. Windy Acres Farm (Penn Yan)

Windy Acres Farm keeps it simple. The farm offers pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. The country store also offers a number of tasty fall treats, such as a caramel apple walnut pie. Whether you’re looking to pick a pumpkin from the patch or to find a delicious apple, Windy Acres Farm is sure to have something for everyone.

5. The Pumpkin Hollow (Syracuse)

The Pumpkin Farm started as a small family dairy farm and has grown to include a number of other crops, pumpkins included! The family is dedicated to offering free parking and free admission, but in return, they ask customers to respect their farm and its provisions.

The Pumpkin Hollow offers the perfect fall day for the whole family. The pumpkin patch is home to hundreds of pumpkins ready to be turned into spooky Halloween decorations or delicious pumpkin pies. In addition to not charging admission, the owners of The Pumpkin Hollow gather ripe pumpkins into a neat pile of pumpkins ready for exploration.

4. Pumpkin Junction (Sauquoit)

Pumpkin Junction is the ultimate Halloween destination. Not only will you find the two-story barn packed with pumpkins, but you’ll also find pumpkin…everything: soda, fudge, butter, taffy. Pumpkin Junction boasts that they sell hundreds of unique Halloween items.

If Halloween is your favorite part of fall, this pumpkin patch in Upstate New York is sure to be your favorite.

3. Penny’s Pumpkin Patch (Union Springs)

Penny’s Country Farm is home to Penny’s Pumpkin Patch, located in the heart of the Fingers Lakes in New York. The farm has been family-owned and operated since 2006. In 2018, Penny’s Pumpkin Patch was voted the #1 Pumpkin Patch in Central NY.

As of 2023, Penny’s Pumpkin Patch is undergoing renovations, but by 2024, they plan for their pumpkin patches to be up and running for their U-pick experience. This year, the pumpkins are housed at the farm stand and are ready for you to pick your favorite!

2. Wickham Farms (Penfield)

Established in 1986, Wickham Farms started when the family planted pumpkin fields and sold the gourds from a roadside stand. After renting land and growing pumpkins until 2002, the family purchased their own farm in Penfield, New York. The family originally began with 8 acres, but by 2012, Wickham Farms needed more space. The family purchased 100 acres, adding two barns, a parking lot, and 15 brand-new attractions for future visitors. Today, visitors of Wickham Farms can pick a pumpkin, eat freshly baked pizza, and enjoy kettle corn.

Dedicated pumpkin pickers will be happy to know that there are two pumpkin patch areas, a pumpkin house, and a pumpkin bridge. In short, pumpkins are in abundance at Wickham Farms.

1. The Great Pumpkin Farm (Clarence)

It only makes sense that The Great Pumpkin Farm would be Number #1. Home to The Pumpkin Palace and Witches Brew Bar & Cafe, The Great Pumpkin Farm has plenty of pumpkins to choose from. According to The Great Pumpkin Farm, there are “zillions” of pumpkins—pie pumpkins, small gourds, large gourds, and decorative pumpkins. Not only will you have plenty of pumpkins at your fingertips, but the pumpkin displays are a sight to behold. Don’t sleep on The Great Pumpkin Farm this fall!

Pumpkin Patches in Upstate New York

No matter which part of Upstate New York you find yourself in, there is bound to be a pumpkin patch nearby. Whether you’re on the hunt for pumpkins or for a delicious apple cider donut, these farms have a variety of activities and tasty treats to provide you with a perfect fall experience.

Be sure to check out one of the 15 best pumpkin patches in Upstate New York this fall season!

1The Great Pumpkin FarmClarence
2Wickham FarmsPenfield
3Penny’s Pumpkin PatchUnion Springs
4Pumpkin JunctionSauquoit
5The Pumpkin HollowSyracuse
6Windy Acres FarmCalverton
7Ellms Family FarmSaratoga
8Becker Farms and Vizcarra VineyardsGasport
9Wallkill View Farm ParkNew Paltz
10Indian Ladder FarmsAltamont
11Stokoe FarmsScottsville
12Akron AcresAkron
13Maple Lane Farms/Tim’s Pumpkin PatchPreston
14Critz FarmsCazenovia
15Pick’n PatchStanley


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