Yellow Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

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These subtle colors that spring from your being shift depending on several factors. But there’s usually a dominant color that is quite telling. Discover the meaning of a yellow aura, including what it symbolizes, what personality traits it highlights, and what kind of energy it emanates!

What Is an Aura?

The term aura refers to the glow that surrounds a living organism. Within a spiritual context, an aura refers to the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, animals, and even plants. When your intuition is heightened or when you’ve practiced the ability to perceive auras, you can pick up on the different colors that emanate from a living being. These colors each have a specific meaning that informs you about the person, animal, or plant’s current state. There are certain colors that point to well-being while others point to distress.

There are several benefits to being able to perceive the aura of the living beings around you. When a loved one has an aura that signals a mood or health condition, you can step in lovingly to support them. You may also be able to pick up on personality characteristics that somebody may be hiding during a first meeting. The ability to perceive auras heightens your own psychic abilities, helping you decipher the world around you in a more direct fashion, without the complexity of poorly articulated thoughts and feelings.

Who Can Perceive Auras?

Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker, Life, Coach, and Intuitive told A-Z-Animals that, “People have the ability to see auras, which are a hue or color around someone. This often means different things about that person. You can learn to see auras by closing then opening your eyes and gazing just past someone. You can also try looking at them with peripheral or indirect vision.”

The ability to perceive auras is not exclusive. With practice, you too can develop the ability to pick up on these subtle halos surrounding people. One exercise you can try requires a quiet environment with dim lighting and a friend, pet, or plant! Have your friend, pet, or plant sit against a light-colored wall. A busy background is much too distracting so having a solid-colored wall for them to sit against makes it easier for you to perceive their aura as you practice.

Yellow Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

With practice, you can refine your ability to perceive auras.


Take a few moments to breathe deeply and relax your body. Invite your guest to do the same. Then, soften your gaze as you look at the person. Don’t focus on them, but rather on what exists around them. They may get blurry as you do this. With a soft gaze, your peripheral vision is active. Remain like this and allow your perception to shift. You may start noticing some subtle lighting around the person. Often, it takes several tries before you begin to perceive this glow. With regular practice, you can sharpen your observational skills.

Yellow Aura Meaning


A person with a yellow aura has an optimistic and curious personality. These are the type of people who seem to always be cheerful, with a positive outlook on everything life throws their way. Even when they are facing dark times, they are inclined to look at the bright side of things. These people also have a knack for learning and exploring new ideas.

They’re not just curious, they’re also analytical and intellectual souls who are never quite quenched with what they know. With such a curious, constantly learning mind, these people are also highly communicative. They know how to articulate their thoughts and ideas in a clear and digestible way. Often, people with a yellow aura also innovate regularly, tapping into their creativity with ease.


The energy of a person with a yellow aura is warm, reminiscent of the sun. They are vibrant people who greet you with open arms and enthusiasm. Mentally, people who have a yellow aura are able to maintain strong clarity. These people know how to focus. Their curiosity isn’t just focused outward. It also focuses inward so they can discover themselves again and again, continuing to strive for growth in their spiritual journey.


People with yellow auras have sunny personalities. They are bright, clear, and joyful. Generally, they get along well with others who also share that same vibrancy and love for life and all of its experiences. They bond well with others who also choose to have an optimistic outlook and who delight even in the little things. They may not be compatible with those who are more pessimistic or keep a negative worldview. However, they may be able to cheer people up who are feeling down.


Yellow aura is symbolic of sunshine and all of the life-giving and joyful properties it offers. A person with a yellow aura naturally brings light into any room they’re in. These people are insightful and clear in their perspectives and opinions. When they make a decision, it’s a well-informed one. Not only are they intellectually awake, but they’re also spiritually attuned. These people are by no means close-minded. They are always looking to expand their current understanding.

Shades of Yellow Auras

A yellow aura may appear differently, sometimes more of a golden color and more subtle and sometimes extremely bright and vibrant. Below, we expand a little on what these variations in color mean.

Bright Yellow

A bright yellow color points to confidence and joy. This person feels both grounded and happy. They know who they are and they’re not afraid to express themselves.

Light Yellow

A person with a light-yellow aura is not as beaming with confidence as a person with a bright-yellow aura. They are coming up on new realizations and a new sense of confidence in themselves. This lighter color describes a state of optimism and hope.

Golden Yellow

A golden aura is indicative of wisdom. These people are teachers who have evolved on their spiritual path and arrived at a place of knowing. They exist in a space of self-control. They inspire others through their actions and know how to lovingly motivate those who seek their advice.

The Aura and Chakra Connection

The color of a person’s aura is also closely related to the colors of their chakras. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is located just under the sternum. This chakra represents confidence, intellect, and personal empowerment. It governs the purpose of your life and feeds your intellectual and spiritual knowledge. When an aura is bright, the solar plexus chakra flows naturally. When there’s a blockage in that chakra, the color yellow may not show up at all or may show up distorted.

Yellow Aura Meaning: Personality, Energy, and Symbolism

The color yellow in auras is closely related to the solar plexus chakra, which is also yellow.

©Sylvia Becerra Gonzalez/ via Getty Images

Yellow Auras in Love and Relationships

Friendly and Approachable

People with yellow auras are the kind that have warmth and openness. They’re approachable and easy to become friends with. Often, people with yellow auras have a wide range of friends in different circles.

Optimistic in Love

When in a romantic relationship, people with yellow auras have a contagious optimism about life. They can help encourage and support their partners, particularly during dark times, as they are always looking to find the good or the lesson in any situation.

Excellent Communicators

People with yellow auras are fantastic when it comes to communication. They know how to articulate their thoughts and their feelings, which allows their relationships to flourish. They’re not afraid of opening up a dialogue to ensure that understanding is the foundation on which they stand alongside their partners and friends.

Independent and Resilient

Those with yellow auras are confident in who they are. They love spending time with others and delight in encouraging their partners. However, they also need loved ones who understand and appreciate their desire for personal growth. These are people who truly value their independence and are always ready to accomplish the next goal — no matter what.

Curious and Intellectual

People with yellow auras are engaging, always looking to connect on an intellectual level with both friends and partners. They need to experience stimulating conversations and are attracted to open minds that share a curiosity in common with them.

Balanced Yet Adventurous

Those with yellow auras approach relationships with balance, understanding that they need not just an intellectual connection but also an emotional connection that allows for deeper intimacy. They are open to trying new things and are likely to appreciate a partner who enjoys travel.

Yellow Auras With Money and Career

Analytical and Innovative

When it comes to money and career, the intellectual mind of a person with a yellow aura comes into play. They can be analytical, employing critical thinking and problem-solving in their careers. This allows them to understand concepts intricately, which also allows for innovation. They are never without an original idea!

Curious Life-Long Learners

A person with a yellow aura is not someone to stagnate. These are lifelong learners with an insatiable curiosity. They appreciate research, the development of new ideas, and they love getting creative with their problem-solving skills.

Effective Communicators

Those with yellow auras have an incredible asset in their ability to communicate. When it comes to their career, they know how to effectively transfer their ideas to others. They do well in industries that require public speaking, writing, or even sales.

Positive Forecaster

There’s always a new goal to set for people with yellow auras. They maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of challenges, which keeps them in a constant state of motion. They prefer forward momentum.

Adaptable Leaders

With an ability to learn quickly, those with yellow auras adapt well to different scenarios and personalities. Being that they work to understand different perspectives, they are able to cultivate an environment in which they naturally emerge as a leader.

Adventurous and Entrepreneurial

Those with yellow auras aren’t afraid to forge a path. They are adventurous, which shows up in an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not uncommon for people with yellow auras to do their own thing.

Yellow Aura Areas for Growth

Although optimism helps those with a yellow aura keep moving forward, it can lead to blind spots. It would be beneficial for those with a yellow aura to also consider risks when planning ahead. Additionally, instead of immediately proposing a positive perspective with a loved one, it’s a better practice to listen.

Those with yellow auras can get impatient and restless. They need a meditative practice to help balance out their enthusiastic energy. In that same vein, those with yellow auras may need to work on balancing their softer spiritual and emotional sides with their more rigid intellectual pursuits.


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