Explore the 18 Best Pumpkin Patches in Wisconsin For a Great Fall Adventure

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Take advantage of the crisp, chilly autumn air as you and your loved ones spend an afternoon at one of the best pumpkin patches in Wisconsin. Families from all throughout Wisconsin come to these pumpkin patches every year to enjoy the perfect fall day.

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like plucking vibrant orange pumpkins or riding on a tractor. These farms also include a ton of carnival activities that are traditionally associated with the fall, such as hayrides, corn mazes, and more!

The Best Pumpkin Patches in Wisconsin

There are dozens of pumpkin patches in Wisconsin.

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1. Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm

Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm supports responsible harvesting, proper growing techniques, and giving the neighborhood access to opportunities for learning. The farm is committed to giving back and has close links to the neighborhood.

The farm sells its seasonal goods through Green Acres, featuring honey, fruit, sweet corn, and veggies in the summer. You can pick your own apples and pumpkins during autumn! Don’t forget to try their mouth-watering jam and honey.

In addition, Green Acres offers a variety of fall-themed activities, such as a petting zoo and hay rides. You may also use the wonderfully decorated pumpkin displays as the background for the perfect family picture!

2. Elegant Farmer

Elegant Farmer operates a sweet little supermarket that locals really like all year long. However, the shop and farm occasionally organize festivities, with their Autumn Harvest Festival becoming the largest and most thrilling.

On a few weekends in September and October, they hold the Autumn Harvest Festival. Visitors are welcome to choose apples right off a tree or pumpkins from the patch. A corn maze, horse rides, train rides, and tractor-pulled hayrides are among additional entertainment options.

Along with all the entertaining activities, this gathering features some pretty mouthwatering treats. Before you depart, you should pick up some apple cider donuts, pulled pork, and homemade caramel apples.

3. Treinen Farm

Treinen Farms has three pumpkin patches totaling up to 18 acres. Here you will find an award-winning corn maze. The farm grows and tends to thousands of pumpkins every season, allowing guests to select a pumpkin to carve or for a simple front step decoration.

They have wagons available to load up with pumpkins, pies, and more. Treinen Farms has over 25 types of pumpkins to choose from. On the farm, there are a lot of things to do as well. There is something for people of all ages!

Whether you want to interact with the cuddly farm animals or go on a trek through the magical forests. The pumpkin patch also contains a lively play area with games and activities for kids such as a rock wall, sports games, a corn pit, tetherball, and more.

Additionally, you can reserve a campfire and bring food to grill over the fire. A day pass to the attraction costs $12.95, while season passes cost $27.50. Pumpkin prices range from $3 to $15.

4. Green Meadows Petting Farm

Green Meadows Petting Farm, which is accessible throughout the year, is ideal for families with little ones. This location is brimming with things to discover and try in the fall. Children are urged to engage with the precious farm animals when visiting this location.

Staff members are on hand to respond to inquiries and guarantee the security of both visitors and animals. Here, you can engage in interactive activities including hayrides, pony rides, yard games, and a plethora of adorable cats.

5. Schuster’s Playtime Farm

Another one of the best pumpkin patches in Wisconsin is Schuster’s Farm. This farm invites you to choose the ideal pumpkin from its 14-acre patch with hundreds of different types. You can take in the crisp autumn weather by walking or taking a hayride to the pumpkins.

Schuster offers more than 45 attractions for visitors of all ages. A corn maze, huge jumping pillows, a zip line, and even pig races can be experienced here. It’s open all week long and is busiest during the weekend. It’s open both throughout the week and on weekends.

In addition, you can explore the unique corn maze at Schuster’s Farm day or night. There are parts for every age group, which are divided into various phases. The farm works hard to keep the crowds under control so you have ample time for wandering the roomy maze.

It costs $7 on weekdays and around $14 on weekends to enter the pumpkin patch. It costs $7 to enter the corn maze.

6. Busy Barns Adventure Farm

Another one of the best pumpkin patches in Wisconsin that is ideal for the younger crowd and enjoyable to visit year-round is Busy Barns Adventure Farm. Even so, people greatly like visiting in the fall because the weather is ideal and there are more things to do.

You will find a broad selection of lovely and occasionally unique pumpkins throughout your trip to this farm’s pumpkin patch, making them ideal for creating wild jack-o-lantern designs. There is also a petting zoo and a fantastic corn maze accessible.

On specific autumn weekends, there are additional activities available, such as hayrides and slides.

7. Waldvogel Pumpkin Farm

Residents in Wisconsin frequent the pumpkin patch at Waldvogel’s farm for a good reason. Take a trip to this popular pumpkin patch to find out why. You’re certain to discover the right pumpkin at this fantastic location, whether you’re on the hunt for the biggest one you are able to find, one that’s perfectly formed, or one with an intriguing color.

After you’ve selected the perfect pumpkin, return to the festival grounds to participate in a few of the other enjoyable activities. These possibilities include rat races, gemstone mining, a shooting range, duck races, and over 60 others.

Our favorite thing about Waldvogels is that all of the activities are included with the price of admission. This is easily one of the most affordable pumpkin patches in Wisconsin.

8. Apple Holler Restaurant and Playhouse

At Apple Holler Restaurant and Playhouse, picking apples is just as popular as picking pumpkins. It’s a ton of fun and involves taking a trolley to the orchard’s backyard. Apple picking is not the only activity available here, though.

There are numerous opportunities for amusing photos, and on some days, amusement options like a petting zoo and a corn maze are offered. Go to the main entrance after collecting your apples and pumpkins to pick up a delectable takeout lunch from the eatery or a snack from the concession stand.

Don’t forget to grab a fresh slice of pumpkin or apple pie to have the complete experience.

9. Skelly’s Farm Market

This next stop is a charming family farm that is accessible for the majority of the year. Every season is enjoyable at Skelly’s. Having said that, autumn is the ideal season to visit the tiny market.

Skelly’s has fantastic corn mazes and wagon rides available in the fall. Furthermore, a fantastic pumpkin patch is open at this time of year, allowing you to pick up your autumnal decorations while there.

Your kids will get to go on the fantastic play equipment on the farm, regardless of when you go. Have you fired an Apple Cannon before? If not, here is your opportunity. Apples will fly over the field as you attempt to hit targets with them.

Additionally, you can shop for presents and sweets. Do not leave Skelly’s Farm Market without drying one of their scrumptious homemade donuts. Need we say more?

10. The Burch Barn

The Burch Barn is another one of the best pumpkin patches in Wisconsin. It has so many activities that you could easily spend an entire day here. Kids adore the bounce houses, pedal carts, and a petting zoo.

There’s also a huge corn pit, derby horse races, and a pumpkin patch. The 100-foot-tall slide that towers over the area is the most popular activity at the Burch Barn. After an entire day of exciting activities, you’re bound to work up an appetite.

There are a variety of snacks and light meal alternatives for sale, so you can feed the whole family while you’re there. Be sure to pick out the ideal pumpkin for your home’s autumn décor before leaving.

11. Valley Pasture Farm

You are invited to explore the four-acre corn maze and pumpkin patch at Valley Pasture Farms. It’s located in Elk Mound and is open every autumn The Spooky Ridge Trails, which are enjoyable for teenagers and older youngsters, are the farm’s most famous feature.

Visit the jack-o-launcher to watch the pumpkins fly over a cliff once you’ve finished picking them. Enormous tractor tires, games, an obstacle course, adorable farm animals, and a towering slide are big hits here.

Each participant must pay $5 to enter. If you bring a non-perishable food item or personal care product for donation, you can receive a discount.

12. Bushel and a Peck Market

At Bushel and a Peck Market, the main draw is a fantastic three-acre corn labyrinth. Kids also thoroughly enjoy the playground and wagon rides. People of all ages can take part in an outdoor bowling alley and hilarious photo cutout boards.

Of course, you can pick your own pumpkins straight from the vine. You may want to pick a basket full of fresh apples from the trees as well! The on-site bakery offers delicious fall delights, and food carts frequently stop by on weekends.

Of course, the produce, meals, and baked goods are not free, but they are reasonably priced and locals can’t seem to praise them enough!

13. Porter’s Patch

The thrilling Porter’s Patch Farmtoberfest draws guests from all throughout the Midwest. Weekend visits are welcome at the farm, where you can choose from up to 40 different varieties of pumpkins.

There are many options available, whether you’re looking for decorative pumpkins, colorful corn, squash, or corn shucks. Porter’s has everything you want in a pumpkin patch. There are hayrides, a thrilling corn maze, games for the kids, and more.

One of our favorite activities here is crafting a scarecrow. You can also paint a pumpkin or build a bouquet. There is a barn with traditional farm animals such as pigs and cows that you can feed.

14. Polly’s Pumpkin Patch

Due to its magnificent pumpkin farm and its farm-to-table produce, this family-run pumpkin patch, which was founded in 2003, has grown in appeal over the years. Polly’s is unquestionably the place to go if you’re searching for a family-friendly fall attraction.

Hundreds of gourds, squash, and pumpkins, including enormous types weighing more than 100 pounds, are available at Polly’s Pumpkin Farm. There are also many choices if you like the unusual bumpy, strange-shaped gourds that make attractive decorations.

Dazzling yellow, idyllic sunflowers on the farm make for an excellent photo backdrop. Don’t forget to get lost in the 15-acre corn maze. It’s conveniently close to the cities of Green Bay and Appleton.

On the farm, there are also wagon rides, a family entertainment area, a petting zoo, and more! If you visit on the weekends you can enjoy the food and drink options available.

15. Mommsen’s Harvest Hill

A visit to Mommsen’s Harvest Hill is unlike anything else in Wisconsin. First off, you have to see the staff launch pumpkins from an old-school catapult! This place also has a petting farm and two fantastic corn mazes if pumpkin chucking isn’t enough to entice you to visit this incredibly enjoyable location.

You will enjoy looking through the barn’s selection of crafts, food, and other goods for sale, and you’ll almost surely leave with something. Mommsen’s also puts on an array of activities during the season as well as to the regular harvest season excitement.

16. Anderson’s Pleasant Patch Pumpkins

Anderson’s provides u-pick pumpkins together with a pleasurable rural experience. The pumpkin patch provides contactless activities for contemporary indoor and outdoor pleasures.

This farm places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and adheres to high safety requirements.

A haunted house, buggy rides, a hiking route, and numerous photo opportunities with characters scattered across the farm are among the other attractions available. We highly suggest checking out their wide array of harvest season decorations.

17. Cedarburg Creek Farm

This family-run farm offers free entrance, free hayrides, and a variety of other entertaining activities to tourists from all over the nation. The U-pick pumpkin patch is dedicated to providing inexpensive family entertainment and fostering lifelong memories.

Numerous options, such as mini-be-little pumpkins and gourds in amusing shapes, are available for kids to choose from. Additionally, there are corn mazes, live music, bounce houses, cute animals, and plenty of autumn activities.

The farm also contains a lot of fall-themed flowers and decorations, such as Indian corn, straw bales, and more to purchase for your home.

18. Happy Jacks Pumpkin Land

Enjoy a fall afternoon at Happy Jacks Pumpkin Land. An eight-acre pumpkin patch on the farm just outside of Milwaukee is the source of many joyful memories and cherished traditions among local families.

Guests are also welcome at this farm’s Apple and Sunflower Fest, which is held in tandem with the fall festival. You can sample crisp, fresh varieties at Basse’s apples. If you find a few you enjoy, you can pick your own and fill a basket!

Don’t forget to visit the sunflower maze at no additional charge. In addition, there are a ton of carnival-related events such as pig races, dog shows, music, and plenty of candy! This is our top pick for the best pumpkin patches in Wisconsin to bring your kids!

Summary of the Best Pumpkin Patches in Wisconsin

Pumpkin PatchLocation
Jerry Smith Pumpkin FarmKenosha
Elegant FarmerMukwonago
Treinen FarmLodi
Green Meadows Petting FarmWaterford
Schuster’s Playtime FarmDeerfield
Busy Barns Adventure FarmFort Atkinson
Waldvogel Pumpkin FarmBeaver Dam
Apple Holler Restaurant and PlayhouseSturtevant
Skelly’s Farm MarketJanesville
The Burch BarnSpooner
Valley Pasture FarmMound
Bushel and a Peck MarketChippewa Falls
Porter’s PatchBonduel
Polly’s Pumpkin PatchChilton
Mommsen’s Harvest HillRice Lake
Anderson’s Pleasant Patch PumpkinsCottage Grove
Cedarburg Creek FarmCedarburg
Happy Jacks Pumpkin LandColgate


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